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About Sarah

Sarah began working in healthcare as a Dietitian, in 1999.  She brings with her a passionate belief that people can be supported to manage their own health holistically.


Sarah has continued her training in complementary therapies, mindfulness, counselling and emotional well-being; so that she can truly work holistically.  Working with you to address physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life.

I also continue to provide nutritional and dietary advice, specialising in  the mind body spirit connections.  I have developed a unique approach which helps people to change their eating and attitude to their body and health.  Please contact me to discuss any dietary concerns you may have.

Sarah enjoys working with people to support and identify the best treatment for you. We are all individuals who deserve to be treated as such.  


Please contact to discuss your concerns and options.

Sarah is an experienced teacher, mentor and workshop facilitator.  Check out workshops for further details. 

Holistic Therapist
mentor- workshop faciliatator- teacher


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