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Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki is a beautiful treatment to receive and to give.  It brings about a sense of deep relaxation and healing.  It is a form of energy healing gifted to the universe from the Angelic Realms. Reiki, meaning universal life force (energy) was rediscovered by Japanese Scholar and Monk, Dr Usui in  the 1900s.   Angelic Reiki was gifted to us almost a 100 years later, chanelled by Kevin Core from Archangel Metatron. 

Angelic Reiki can help bring about harmony and restore balance to mind, body and spirit. 


Angelic Reiki benefits emotional   issues and challenging life changes, supporting you through times of transition. It is usually given via hands on   treatment, focusing mainly on the upper body and sometimes the head areas.  Treatment is given lying down or in a comfortable reclining chair, and you will be fully clothed.

Treatment usually lasts between 30-40 minutes.  To truly benefit from your treatment you will be given time to relax afterwards and have the opportunity to discuss.

I have experienced and continue to experience physical and emotional benefits myself from Angelic Reiki and grown through my initial scepticism.  It has helped me to make long overdue changes and heal.  I have watched people I have worked with go on to make big improvements and changes following treatment. Others have experienced gentle healing.  It all depends on you- the angelic energies work with what you need for your own growth and healing. 

The healing can be experienced as a gentle, loving embrace.  Supporting you to access the healing you require, at a pace you are able to manage.  It is a powerful energy that helps bring us to a place of harmony.

Angelic Reiki Workshops and Training are also available. 

For further information see Angelic Reiki Association Website

Sarah is a qualified Master Teacher.  Please contact if you would like to find out more or discuss if Angelic Reiki is the treatment or training for you.

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