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Upcoming Workshops

The following workshops are being offered.  Please get in touch to book

Meditation 1:1s

Not everyone likes to join groups, or life cant always fit around timetables.  I understand this, so offer the opportunity to explore meditation and mindfulness sessions.  Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Group Meditation and mindfulness

Suitable for anyone wishing to explore if mindfulness and meditation is to be part of their life.  Learning to meditate is one of the greatest gifts I have given to myself in this life.  It has helped me accept myself in all my perfect imperfection.  Many people come to meditation to regain control in their life, paradoxically meditation and mindfulness encourages us to let go and create a new relationship with ourselves.  Helping us access our breath and an inner sense of peace and well being.

These sessions are suitable for anybody new to meditation or if you are looking for a way to maintain your practice with others.  

The next 6 week group is planned for end of September 2018 in Silverdale.  Please contact to register your interest and confirm your place.  The cost will be £75.00 for the 6 weeks including all materials/ resources.

A time to smell the roses

This day session gives you the opportunity to stop and remember you. 

If you are feeling lost, or overly busy in life, not sure what or where you

are heading in your life.  Don't worry, you are not alone, we have many

beliefs about life some which we are finding are no longer helpful or in

alignment with who we are or know we are to be.

During this day we will stop and explore our inner wisdom using a

number of meditation and mindfulness techniques.  Being held as we

head into Autumn 2018, a time to let go, we can begin to let go of what 

we don't want to take forward in our life and begin to dream of what

we do wish to create... it is a time to breathe.  

We all have our own inner wisdom, we just don't give ourselves time to stop, listen and trust our inner voices,  

In a small group, you will get the opportunity to listen to your heart, which always knows your way, and you will begin to create your vision going forwards, as a vision board.

22nd September 2018 10.30- 3.30

£45.00 including light vegetarian lunch, refreshments and materials.

Venue:  Silverdale Lancashire

Contact or complete the booking forward to secure your place.

Mindful Eating Group sessions

Delivered over 6 weekly sessions you will be able to explore your relationship to food and your body.  Undo years of dieting and not being in harmony with yourself.  This is an amazing opportunity to relearn who you are and put an end if you choose to the dieting approach to life.  You are a wonderful human being who has the right to live free from scales and diets, knowing that you can love yourself to eat and live well.

Please get in touch to book.  Sessions are planned for October 2018 and places are limited to small groups so you can receive the ongoing support during and after sessions.

Individual sessions can also be arranged if you are not ready for a group.


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