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Reflexology has its roots in most ancient cultures.  By  applying pressure to distinct pressure points on the feet (and hands), stimulates the corresponding body areas and organs.  This helps energy flow to bring about balance.  Enabling the body to heal itself and restore physical and mental well-being.  Reflexology treatments treat the whole person and brings about deep relaxation. It has been shown to benefit conditions such as circulatory issues, fertility conditions, bowel conditions, migraine, stress and anxiety.

Reflexology works alongside traditional medical advice to improve healing responses.  As it is a form of energy healing it continues to work when you leave the treatment room, allowing the benefits to be felt for some days and weeks afterwards.

To truly benefit from treatment I provide you with time to relax directly after your treatment and discuss any Issues or queries that may have come up for you.

Treatment usually lasts for 45 minutes.

Additional Services

A relaxing foot massage and foot-bath can be added to your treatment, using natural and organic products for a truly relaxing treatment.  I use Neals Yard Organics Remedies, and believe in using quality products that are ethically sourced.

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