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Showing up…

Yesterday I started writing my first novel. Strictly speaking it isn’t the first novel I’ve started. I’m not a completer- finisher; and didn’t need to take an online quiz or work leadership psychometric test to tell me this! Hence the very fact it has taken me months to write a follow on blog piece lol. I love the excitement of creativity and am fortunate enough to have created the space in my life (and head!) to entertain these wild, fanciful amazing ideas that pop into this space on an hourly, daily basis. The problem is, for me anyway, I am blessed with lots of amazing ideas that distract me from often sitting down and following just one of them. So here I am, as Mother Earth begins spinning into her spring light in our diverse Northern hemisphere, listening to the call to commit…

Writing group restarts on Monday and I had a deadline. Always good to have! 500 words for Friday 3rd February 2017… and what started out as the usual 500 word piece of non-fiction, that despite praise and loving feedback from my fellow writers, often never sees an attempt at a revision or fond hello. This one found a heart-beat… a faint one, but definitely not pronounced DNR. Yeah! At the end of the day I had plot lines, character outlines, beginning, middle and end all sketched out in biro. I even have the emergence of a ‘hero character’ who has made in-roads into my heart, and would be on my wish list to meet for coffee and a chat soon. This is new. My intention was set. I will write this novel. I will bring these people to life, give them a voice and share their being…

This morning, on waking the sun is shining and my characters are sitting where I left them and the dawning realisation that if they are ever going to make it and not be pronounced DNR; I have to give them life, energy, hope… so today I am learning the art of discipline and practice. This is just like being back at the beginning of my learning to meditate… the minutes that seemed like hours, the awareness to the distraction techniques I have mastered, the incessant questions…

Today, I am breathing in the sunshine and the promise of spring and new life; just going with the flow… until I begin writing some more.

Here’s to all of us birthing, creating or just dreaming about something new stirring from your heart and soul; bring it to life, give it breath, give it love and share your joy!

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