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Muck spreading or Muck clearing?

This blog piece began being penned a couple of weeks ago. During another period in time in this year of 2019, when the muck seemed to be hitting the fan so to speak. As with what goes on in the outside world, I began to feel the inner stirrings of my own muck beginning to make its presence felt. I am sharing now as guided, whilst the murkiness of life seems to have been mixed up for us all to see, I was reminded that this is our time of the lotus. The lotus represents enlightenment: who flowers from the connection to her roots in the depths of the muddiest of pools bringing forth the most beautiful of blooms. This is our life; are we getting ready to bloom and shine the brilliance of our beings? I pray so, as did all the enlightened ones who have been before us and left their teachings for our hearts and souls. My writing comes from my heart and soul, this piece carries the truth of darkness, muckiness and all that is so often not talked about. It is a reflection from my soul and the collective soul carrying the hope that we may all come together to clear our paths and walk together in love and peace.

Thank you for this opportunity to share and connect. If it resonates or not, any connection and feedback is welcomed. To the lotus, As above so below

Its a little longer than usual so grab a brew and enjoy my writing

In these times of muck spreading...

I recently saw the phrase "get your shit sorted fam" in a FB post, and initially thought gosh that's a bit harsh. Whilst also knowing it as an uncomfortable reality. Then as i read on and began to inwardly connect with my own shit, i found myself wondering how exactly do we do this? In a society where we are brought up not to even talk about the brown stuff ( quick pop quiz how many terms are there for the stuff we call faeces?) Sidetrack averted almost and back to the seriousness, I have witnessed the physical and emotional disconnect we all have from facing what we know we all need to face. I have worked with people for over 20 years as a dietitian and have never shied away from talking about the bodily functions we all have, i know i am rare! I overcame the discomfort of talking about constipation diarrhoea piles farting belching colostomy bags all of it, and began to find the relief (pun intended) within myself and whoever had the joy to sit opposite me when the discomfort was not left in the waiting room. When we connect and share from a true authentic human space of compassion and understanding, about what is often most vulnerable we connect and begin to realise there is way more to connect us than separate us. This moment in time and in many of our lives, this time in humanity for sure, i am beginning to realise we are all full of shit. At some point or another we need to stop ignoring it.

As my life has evolved and grown i have had to face my own shit many times, and i am in that camp of getting my shit together and authentically looking at it. However on occasions i have flung it back at those who have asked me to fling it. I have sat in it for days... until even i can no longer be in its presence. I have avoided it until it literally has to come out; painfully. Resulting often in frustration self disgust and on those rare occasions compassion and empathy with myself. Each wonderful gorgeous shitty moment to get me to find the golden nugget within. The stories we tell ourselves, the beliefs we hold, the information we have squirelled away into our very core, that just isn't helpful or healthy is stored up. until just like our wonderful amazing guts, if we continue to nourish it with indigestible nutrition in the form of stories of hate, pity, dissatisfaction, unworthiness, or whatever else we have been swallowing that is not life sustaining, we begin to block up, our life flow energy gets stuck. We feel blocked, stuck, yuk. Until eventually that blockage has to burst/ erupt, and we either end up sharing our stuff and having to clean it up! Or as the human body does we literally have to swallow it... No apologies for the image you are probably wanting to scrub from your inner screen if you are still with me, but hopefully you are realising there is no shame in what we all do naturally?

Our emotions are also our nutrition. What we continue to feed our bodies from our minds, all those things we take to heart, all those times we criticise and judge ourselves or allow ourselves to accept a verbal junk food diet all ends up in our guts to be digested. Ever wondered why irritable bowel syndrome has no physical diagnosis? A true diagnosis of IBS is the absence of all pathalogical conditions/ diseases i.e. you have had every test under the sun but still you have very real symptoms and no it is not all in your mind! It is a gift from your overactive mind making you feel shit! I haven't met a human being who hasn't at some point in their existence experienced the mind gut reaction, they just probably weren't aware of it. Awareness and emotions are keys. Through learning how to be in compassion and balance with them we have the opportunity to come back into homeostasis, harmony. Inner peace anyone?

I know with all my heart that we all have to take responsibility for our selves, own our shit and not then fling it back at someone else, keep expecting someone else to clear it away or keep it stuck inside us to fling at ourselves. Lets learn to be our own waste disposal teams?, and learn how our bodies, mind, and soul can work together within this amazing planet and universe we call home. If we don't, who will? I guess we also get to decide whats ours and whats not ours too... Maybe we are just tired of sorting everyone else's shit out because we prefer to continue to create a story that we have got our shit together? I ask really..? And if you have, pray tell us how you did it, I for one love to share a good story with a happy ending.

So I was wondering if anyone was interested in joining me to spend some time and be willing to get their shit together, explore their own BS or just even have a laugh about the crap that is going on in our lives? Why not get in touch and come join us... A comfy seat, loo roll and suitable reading material can be provided. As we are approaching the season of the bull (Taurus April 20th to May 21st) I thought maybe this is the perfect time? I'm ready to share the shit and create a happy ending are you? If sharing your shit with others feels to much I'm happy to provide a space for a single cubicle too in 1:1 sessions.

WORKSHOP : 19th May 2019 10.30- 3.30 Held at Rainbow Rooms, Halton Mill, Lancaster LA2 6ND. Contact Sarah Rachel Collins to book 07967628460/

It will be a time to connect to your inner wisdom through meditation just stopping and being still, sharing the stories that may be blocked and looking at letting go in a manner you see fit :-), using creative writing and journaling as well as laughter and maybe tears who knows, to just get together in these amazing times of being a human being on our amazing planet Earth.

Contact me for further details if you are interested and share your shit below fam :-) we will get it sorted if we want to, I have every faith we are doing this.

No apologies for the language in this one, it is a piece straight from my heart to yours. I write a lot, I share very occasionally, not enough according to some... I am still working out if this is there shit or mine? ha ha. This piece feels like one of those that needs a voice. I have enjoyed writing it, and getting a bit more of my shit out into the open. I welcome any thoughts you wish to share ... Please be aware in the spirit of this piece if you choose to fling your shit I am wearing a shit deflector :-)

I am sorry I do not recall who made the original statement that has stirred such inner shit sharing, much gratitude to whoever it is. May our future be bright, light and full of appropriate bowel movements.

Looking forward to creating a healthy balanced life with you all and mother earth much love and gratitude Sarah

WORKSHOP : 19th May 2019 10.30- 3.30 Held at Rainbow Rooms, Halton Mill, Lancaster LA2 6ND. Contact Sarah Rachel Collins to book 07967628460/

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